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28 August 2013 @ 11:23 pm
Team #13: We Are Not Legends Yet  

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Title: We Are Not Legends Yet
Author/Artist: TriffidsandCuckoos, johanirae, allyearefallen
Rating: M
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, Eve & Q friendship; Q, James Bond, Eve Moneypenny, a whole host of original characters (including some less human ones), Boothroyd, Dench!M, Séverine, Vesper Lynd, and an army of cats
Warnings/content: Contains suicide attempts, blood, references to stabbing, temporary character death, immortality, ghosts,  Greek mythology and the Underworld.
Medium/Word count: 78 260
Summary: It starts when Q accidentally makes 007 immortal. Things only get more complicated from there. (OR that Skyfall/general mythology crossover the world has been waiting for.)

Disclaimer: I cannot stake a claim to Skyfall nor any other affiliated parts of the James Bond franchise, not to mention any other influences of which you might find traces or references within.

Link to fic: We Are Not Legends Yet (incl. embedded art)
Link to art: johanirae's and allyearefallen's respective masterposts.