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22 August 2013 @ 08:46 pm
Team #4: Smooth Criminal  

Title: Smooth Criminal
Author: safaiagem / bloody_hellfire
Artist: chosenfire28
Rating: R
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, past James Bond/Vesper Lynd, Eve Moneypenny, Bill Tanner, M, Raoul Silva
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *language, violence, torture*
Medium/Word count: 27,819
Summary: Criminals AU: James Bond was one of the best assassins in the criminal underworld until he's given the task of killing the elusive hacker Q. When Bond's employer reveals that he intends to kill them both Bond and Q decide to team up. Years later and they are still working together. Now they are being hunted down by MI6 and their new Agent 007; Eve Moneypenny.
Notes: See masterpost or AO3 notes section: they are long.
Disclaimer: The James Bond franchise does not belong to me. I'm just playing in the sandbox. This was made for fun and not for profit. Title is from a Michael Jackson song because seriously me a Michael Jackson song? Please don't sue me.

Link to fic: Livejournal Masterpost and on AO3
Link to art: Art Masterpost
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