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14 April 2017 @ 02:44 pm
Hello everyone - or anyone who is still watching!

I'm importing this community to dreamwidth for no other reason than because I wanted there to be a back up. Dreamwidth is busy atm so the import is in progress, all entries and comments will have moved over in about 48 hours.

The community can be found at 00q_bigbang.
14 January 2014 @ 01:30 pm
I've had a couple of PMs lately about the next round of the bigbang, so I thought I'd update the community.

There are currently no plans to have a second round of the 00Q bigbang this year, but there will most likely be one next year. I'll update this place and tumblr well in advance. Don't expect the dates for the next round of the fest to be similar to the dates of the last round.

I'm pleased that there's still interest in this fest and I'm sorry there won't be another round this year - it's for purely personal reasons. I've had a really stressful 2013 so I'm keeping my fandom participation as low-key as possible this year. 
05 September 2013 @ 04:42 pm
As promised, the masterlist for the very first 00q bigbang challenge. :) I hope everyone has had fun with the bang. ^^

In order of posting.

Creature Comforts by entangledwood and art by rerumfragmenta

The Mating Dance of Wolf and Fox by magiki333 and art by epithalamium

the way we come undone (i'll have to watch you play the part) by blackidyll and art by neyllya

swear them to the sky by blurmeese and art by epithalamium and thislostcastaway

Do I Wake or Sleep? by misswinterhill and art by justgot1 and gundamuubitch

Intimacies of Print by rivestra and art by charlies_dragon

A Rush of Blood to the Head by casstea and art by gundamuubitch and rerumfragmenta

But Should we Run from Ghosts by lc2l and art by sanny_pirate

Smooth Criminal by safaiagem and art by chosenfire28

Rat Under The Apple Tree by cathrinemccord and art by milky_haven and podfic by kelli

Bright Lights by valinorean and art by jellycrown and milky_haven

For family, queen and country by daisybelle and art by proprietyisnotapriority

We Are Not Legends Yet by triffidsandcuckoos and art by johanirae and allyearefallen

Obscura by twilightscribe and art by tonosamanjuu and assasyngal

Syncromesh by foolish_m0rtal and art by chosenfire28

If I screwed up somewhere in the masterlist, please don't hesitate to let me know so I can fix it! :)

There are two teams that haven't completed their fics yet, but that I expect will post sometime within the next couple of weeks. I'll add them to the list when they've posted their works.
31 August 2013 @ 08:43 pm
Title: synchromesh
Author/Artist: foolish_m0rtal, chosenfire28
Rating: T
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, Eve Moneypenny & Q friendship, Boothroyd
Warnings/content: reference to death of children
Medium/Word count: 17594
Summary: "I should let you know that MI6 is not in the habit of ceding to terrorists," Q tells him with chilly poise. "But it is after hours, and this is at least a halfway decent kidnapping."
Bond's answering hum of amusement resonates and mingles with the sound of the revving engine.
Notes: This story is actually derived from a large WIP of a story that I might post later on as a director's cut version.
Disclaimer: I do not own Skyfall

Link to fic: synchromesh on ao3
Link to art: banner and art, or banner and art
30 August 2013 @ 01:44 am
Title: Obscura
Author/Artist: twilightscribe, tonosamanjuu, assasyngal
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: James Bond/Q ; includes very one-sided Dominic Greene/Q ; Dominic Greene, Silva, Vesper, Severine
Warnings/Content: Highlight to read *Warnings are for blood, torture, violence, implied and threatened rape, threats of forced non-consensual impregnation, violence against animals, disturbing images of childbirth, character death, and other horror themes. Contains talk of male impregnation and pregnancy, werewolf!Bond, other mythological and alchemical ideas and elements.*
Medium/Word count: 35517 words
Summary: When he woke up in a dungeon, it was only the start of this living nightmare he found himself in. The only ally that Q finds in this place is a wolf that isn't all he appears to be. As it stands, though, with him being chased after for something he doesn't know or understand, Q has one goal in mind: survive.
Notes: Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to write a 00Q Haunting Ground AU. This was a labour of intense love and a good amount of obsessive MUST FINISH FOR THE GREATER GOOD. I have to say, I'm happy with finishing it – it's my first time successfully completing a big bang. Damn, I am so proud of myself why are you so long fic you should not be this long.
Disclaimer: I cannot stake a claim to Skyfall nor any other affiliated parts of the James Bond franchise, not to mention any other influences of which you might find traces or references within.

Link to fic: Obscura on Dreamwidth ; Obscura on Ao3
Link to art: art by tonosamanjuu || art by assasyngal
28 August 2013 @ 11:23 pm

 photo small-header.png

Title: We Are Not Legends Yet
Author/Artist: TriffidsandCuckoos, johanirae, allyearefallen
Rating: M
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, Eve & Q friendship; Q, James Bond, Eve Moneypenny, a whole host of original characters (including some less human ones), Boothroyd, Dench!M, Séverine, Vesper Lynd, and an army of cats
Warnings/content: Contains suicide attempts, blood, references to stabbing, temporary character death, immortality, ghosts,  Greek mythology and the Underworld.
Medium/Word count: 78 260
Summary: It starts when Q accidentally makes 007 immortal. Things only get more complicated from there. (OR that Skyfall/general mythology crossover the world has been waiting for.)

Disclaimer: I cannot stake a claim to Skyfall nor any other affiliated parts of the James Bond franchise, not to mention any other influences of which you might find traces or references within.

Link to fic: We Are Not Legends Yet (incl. embedded art)
Link to art: johanirae's and allyearefallen's respective masterposts.

26 August 2013 @ 04:35 pm
Title:For family, queen and country
Author/Artist:daisybelle / proprietyisnotapriority
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, Gareth Mallory, Eve Moneypenny, Mycroft Holmes
Warnings/content: canon-typical violence, Bondlock, Post-Skyfall, Post-Reichenbach
Medium/Word count: ~ 28,000
Summary: After Skyfall Q notices changes in Bond's behaviour. His brother Mycroft suggests John Watson for an undercover investigation. It turns out that James Bond and John Watson share a past.

Notes: Betaed by bravofiftyone
Disclaimer: Written purely for fun; no profit or harm intended. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.

Link to fic: http://archiveofourown.org/works/942008/chapters/1837054
Link to art: http://proprietyisnotapriority.tumblr.com/post/59307687922/00q-bigbang-submission-art-for-the-wonderful

*posting for team #9 because they don't have LJ accounts :)
26 August 2013 @ 10:39 am
Title: Bright Lights
Author/Artist: valinorean, jellycrown, milky_haven
Rating: NC-17 (for very brief explicit scene)
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q
Warnings/content: none
Medium/Word count: ~15k
Summary: James is a kickass double-oh agent who may be flirting with the new Quartermaster a little. He goes to sleep and wakes up in a different world where he is the owner of a quaint little coffee shop, and his favourite regular is a graduate student working on his thesis who is always there because of the free Wi-Fi. James may be in love with him a little. Then he goes to sleep again and he's back in MI6 working with the snarky Q, and he thinks he's going crazy because he isn't sure which is real anymore.
Notes: This fic is inspired by the tv series Awake (Jason Isaacs!), and the first scene is a blatant ripoff from the series' commercial. :D Much love to Fate and Jellycrown for collaborating with me (actually, for putting up with me; I am the worst, I know!) on this 00Q Bigbang project. And an outpouring of gratitude to my amazing beta, Katie, for always being there and ready to give a helping hand.
Disclaimer: Awake and Skyfall/James Bond franchise are owned by various publishers. This is written for fun, not profit.

Read on AO3 :: Bright Lights

milky_haven's art on LiveJournal :: AO3
jellycrown's art on LiveJournal :: Tumblr
24 August 2013 @ 03:06 pm
Title: Rat Under The Apple Tree
Author/Artist: CathrineMcCord, Kelli, milky_haven
Rating: Mature
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, Silva/Q (past)
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *Panic Attacks, Emotional Manipulation,Angst*
Medium/Word count: 22,599
In the aftermath of 'Skyfall' Bond finds an unexpected companion in Q.
But while Bond gradually heals day after day, mission after mission, Q is constantly dragged deeper by the daemons of his past.
Every single one of Q's truths until there is only one thing he knows for certain.
He will be the end of James Bond.

Notes: Unofficial Summary [SPOILER]: Highlight to read * This isn't your friendly neighbourhood story. No flirting, just angst, 00 work and a lot of hacking! Prepare for 22 k angst and a happy ending so sweet and unexpected it will give you Diabetes!*
Disclaimer: The characters of James Bond are sadly not mine.

Link to fic: Rat Under The Apple Tree (incl. art and embedded podfic)
Link to art: milky_haven's art
Link to podfic: masterpost

*note: I'm posting for cathrinemccord because she doesn't have an LJ account. :) If you notice any mistakes here, just let me know and I'll fix them.
22 August 2013 @ 08:46 pm

Title: Smooth Criminal
Author: safaiagem / bloody_hellfire
Artist: chosenfire28
Rating: R
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, past James Bond/Vesper Lynd, Eve Moneypenny, Bill Tanner, M, Raoul Silva
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *language, violence, torture*
Medium/Word count: 27,819
Summary: Criminals AU: James Bond was one of the best assassins in the criminal underworld until he's given the task of killing the elusive hacker Q. When Bond's employer reveals that he intends to kill them both Bond and Q decide to team up. Years later and they are still working together. Now they are being hunted down by MI6 and their new Agent 007; Eve Moneypenny.
Notes: See masterpost or AO3 notes section: they are long.
Disclaimer: The James Bond franchise does not belong to me. I'm just playing in the sandbox. This was made for fun and not for profit. Title is from a Michael Jackson song because seriously me a Michael Jackson song? Please don't sue me.

Link to fic: Livejournal Masterpost and on AO3
Link to art: Art Masterpost
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