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24 August 2013 @ 03:06 pm
Team #7: Rat Under The Apple Tree  
Title: Rat Under The Apple Tree
Author/Artist: CathrineMcCord, Kelli, milky_haven
Rating: Mature
Pairing/characters: James Bond/Q, Silva/Q (past)
Warnings/content: Highlight to read *Panic Attacks, Emotional Manipulation,Angst*
Medium/Word count: 22,599
In the aftermath of 'Skyfall' Bond finds an unexpected companion in Q.
But while Bond gradually heals day after day, mission after mission, Q is constantly dragged deeper by the daemons of his past.
Every single one of Q's truths until there is only one thing he knows for certain.
He will be the end of James Bond.

Notes: Unofficial Summary [SPOILER]: Highlight to read * This isn't your friendly neighbourhood story. No flirting, just angst, 00 work and a lot of hacking! Prepare for 22 k angst and a happy ending so sweet and unexpected it will give you Diabetes!*
Disclaimer: The characters of James Bond are sadly not mine.

Link to fic: Rat Under The Apple Tree (incl. art and embedded podfic)
Link to art: milky_haven's art
Link to podfic: masterpost

*note: I'm posting for cathrinemccord because she doesn't have an LJ account. :) If you notice any mistakes here, just let me know and I'll fix them.